Open Source Projects

Since its inception in 1992, PALNI has been committed to implementing and utilizing Open Source Software (OSS) and supports the principles and practices of the open source community. PALNI libraries and the Open Source philosophy share many similar goals:
  • Quality Standards- Due to it’s peer-reviewed nature, Open Source projects are continually analyzed, updated, and enhanced to bring to the public the best information out there. As well, PALNI libraries aim to better themselves in the services they provide and their public relations.
  • High Reliability- With constant review, data is more reliable in its accuracy and always up-to-date. PALNI libraries strive to be reliable sources of the most accurate and thorough information for the public.
  • No Software Cost- Free, open access to information and content has always been a key goal of libraries and is the main concept of Open Source.
  • Collaborative Sharing- Just as libraries share information and resources with the public and each other, so Open Source is built upon the sharing in an active community.

The main practice of Open Source software is the use of peer production, through review and collaborative sharing, to create documentation and information resources freely available to the public by reducing the restrictions of copyright. The goal of Open Source software is the creation of additional works which add to greater social benefit. The process of sharing information is cyclical such that a work helps to create newer work for a different purpose which, in turn, enables the creation of newer work and so on.

The Open Source movement has received a lot of attention in the library community in recent years as individual libraries have begun to develop their own Content Management Systems and Integrated Library Systems.

The PALNI website, listservs, and server environment all rely heavily on Open Source.  The staff continues to research and evaluate a broad range of Open Source software for possible application. PALNI is always looking for high-quality products and services with great value. Open Source software provides just that. One of the best examples is the PALNI website built on WordPress and hosted by Dreamhost- a hosting service dedicated to providing their quality service to non-profits free of charge.