The Board of Directors elects a five-member Executive Committee with responsibility for operation of the organization with the PALNI Executive Director as an ex officio member and main point of contact for external organizations to PALNI. The PALNI EC includes a Chair, Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past-Chair, and the PALNI Executive Director, and meets in person approximately 6 times each year with additional virtual meetings.

In 2010, PALNI created the position of Executive Director to oversee current and future technology and cooperative efforts within PALNI and with other organizations.  Kirsten Leonard, the first PALNI Executive Director, currently operates out of an office in Sharpsville, Indiana.  The executive director oversees all PALNI contracts, and is a member of the PALNI executive committee and an ex officio of all the PALNI Advisory Groups.

PALNI library staff work together on PALNI issues through various appointed task forces and advisory groups, including the Technology Advisory Group, the Cataloging Advisory Group, the Public Services Advisory Group, Cost Sharing Task Force, the Digitization Task Force, and the Cooperative Periodical Retention Project. In addition, PALNI has more than a dozen active email lists that are used regularly to collaborate and exchange information on PALNI-related matters. Groups are also able to meet virtually at any time through a subscription to WebEx.

PALNI, Inc. contracts with ExLibris, OCLC, and OHIONET to operate and administer many of PALNI’s shared systems. PALNI had contracted with INCOLSA/MCLS from 1992-2011 before moving to cloud-based operation in a Software as a Service model.

PALNI supported libraries pay annual membership fees to PALNI, Inc. that cover 100% of the costs to operate and manage the PALNI Project and systems. No State or other non-PALNI funds are used to directly support the PALNI systems or organization, and PALNI funds are not used to support any non-PALNI projects, programs, services, or activities.