Shared Systems

In 2011, PALNI contract with ExLibris to provide Primo, the next-generation OPAC, for its 23 institutions.  ExLibris hosts, configures, and manages Primo on a dedicated PALNI server at Quest.

The PALNI shared ILS, Aleph, is hosted by ExLibris at their data center at Quest.  ExLibris provides support for the OS, Oracle, and Aleph software.  Changes can be done by individual PALNI institutions through the Aleph ADM for institution-specific tables and forms. PALNI-wide consortium decisions are made through the Advisory Group structure and facilitated by Systems and Cataloging Coordinators.  The Coordinators are assigned to PALNI-wide duties for 25% of their time with the other 75% remaining under their home institution. All other Aleph support is provided by ExLibris and PALNI supported institutions in cooperative efforts.

In addition to Aleph, the PALNI consortium offers students, faculty, and staff at PALNI institutions access to online reference services and databases through the MetaLib/SFX web-based library “portal”. MetaLib includes standard OpenURL resolver capabilities, and can be customized by each PALNI library to provide access to its own local collection of electronic databases.

PALNI libraries also share a ContentDM digital library server to digitize, catalog, and provide web access to unique collections of images and other digitized content held by each library. PALNI is listed as an official “data provider” with the Open Archives Initiative.

Other PALNI shared systems include Xerxes, wikis, listservs. EZproxy support for several of the PALNI institutions is provided by OhioNet.

PALNI created the position of Executive Director to oversee current and future technology and cooperative efforts within PALNI and with other organizations.  Kirsten Leonard, the first PALNI Executive Director, currently operates out of an office in Sharpsville, Indiana.  The executive director oversees all PALNI contracts and PALNI shared information systems with the support of Megan West, the PALNI Web & Communications Manager.