Forms and Procedures

These forms and procedures are for PALNI employees and institutions. Each form should be filled out and returned to the to the Executive Director  including all necessary attachments (ie: receipts).

All reimbursement forms and receipt documents should be scanned emailed to Kirsten Leonard at

  • Policy: [current as of 2013] 

    1.  Attendees who are NOT directors: Email their director asking for PALNI reimbursement for attending a meeting.  

    2.  The Library Director forwards the email with his/her authorization to

    3.  The staff member in charge of looks up the Chart of Distances and adds the approved amount to the email and files for reimbursement.

    [Revision 02/2014] No more than 3 drivers will be reimbursed per institution per event. Reimbursement of additional drivers will be at the discretion of the institution.

    ***For those coming from a location different than their insitution, the below form (2011 Mileage Claim) must be filled out and approved by the Library Director. The Director will then send the email to

    2014 Mileage Claim

  • Travel Reimbursement Form
  • PALNI Equipment Reimbursement Form
  • PALNI Representative Agreement Form
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
PALNI Statistics Forms 2010: