PALNI Groups and Committees

PALNI’s 23 institutions all represent a variety of advisory groups. Each group is composed of a collaboration of individuals from the institutions led by a steering committee who communicates with the Board (usually via the ED and EC) the needs of the PALNI institutions as a whole. Groups and Committees are just one way PALNI is collaborative, strategic, and innovative.

Please see PALNI Organizational Chart & Group Descriptions  for reference.

Board Committees:

  • Executive Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Return on Investment (ROI) and Assessment
  • Engaging Stakeholders Committee
  • Other Ad Hoc

Joint Board and Staff Groups:

  • Collection Management Policy Team
  • Communication Committee
  • Wellness Task Force

Supported Organization Groups:

PALNI Experts 

  • The community of Experts within the consortium make the most out of the OCLC systems, innovate, and provide great services to our campuses. This is often through workflow analysis, training opportunities, general Q&A, identifying system enhancement opportunities, or configuration recommendations.

PALNI Technical Services Training and Support Group

  • Coordinates, assesses, produces, and delivers training and support in the area of technical services. This group also addresses issues and challenges in the areas of technical services by proposing policy changes, evaluating group solutions, and assisting with workflow issues.

RIO (Reference, Instruction, and Outreach Advisory Group)

  • This group will advise the PALNI EC and Board on end-user needs and usability assessment of all PALNI cooperative products including the OPAC and the discovery system.  They will gather input from faculty and students as well as providing their own recommendations.  This group will also share information and tools to support instruction on new tools implemented by PALNI.

Fulfillment Group

  • This group consists of those who are both supervising or working with fulfillment (resource sharing and document delivery) activities on each campus. They coordinate PALNI resource sharing efforts and provide input and priorities to the PALShare Admin team.

KB/Licence Manager Group

  • This group coordinates maintenance, troubleshooting, and development efforts associated with the WMS Knowledgebase and License Manager products for PALNI libraries.

Institutional Repository Group

  • This group explores PALNI-wide needs for institutional repositories (including faculty publication), investigate products that might address those needs, and pursue consortium opportunities.
Admin Teams:
  • PDAT (PALNI Digital Admin Team)
    • PDAT is composed of catalogers, archivists, and technical service librarians. They work to support and promote PALNI’s archiving/preserving product, CONTENTdm, by reviewing and implementing Metadata standards and guidelines, building collections, and integration.
  • Analytics Coordination Admin Team
    • The Analytics Coordination Group identifies sources of data to be used for dashboards, reporting, and strategic long term analysis.
  • PALShare Admin Team
    • Administer and coordinate PALNI-wide resource sharing through WMS. Provide PALNI-wide support for optimizing use of WMS, test new releases, and gather data to prioritize development for resource sharing.