PALNI Cataloging Advisory Group’s Wiki: http://palnicag.pbworks.com/

What is this PCAG?

PCAG stands for “PALNI Cataloging Advisory Group.”  Currently, they are one of seven supporting groups that keep PALNI running full-steam.

What do they do for PALNI?

Simply, PCAG (or PALNI Cataloging Advisory Group) are our cataloging experts. They advise the executive director, the EC, and the Board on the impact and direction of changes related to RDA, discovery, and other cataloging issues.

Who do they report to? Is there a heirarchy?

We value each PALNI member and group tremendously and all work together to keep PALNI running smoothly. We find it is most effective to have a reporting system  so nothing gets “lost in the shuffle”  or overlooked. The group of PCAG reports to the Executive Committee (EC) through the Executive Director (ED).

Can you be more specific about their responsibilities?

Of course! Here’s a list of the current responsibilities:

  1. Advise the EC and the Board on the impact of cataloging changes, including RDA, to PALNI systems and services.
  2. Provide expertise and guidance on the impact of cataloging practices for new product and service implementation to leverage cataloging.
  3. Coordinate cataloging policies across PALNI libraries to optimize data effectiveness in current and future systems and tools.

PCAG sounds right up my alley. May I join?

PCAG membership is open to library personnel in PALNI supported libraries with original and copy cataloging responsibilities. But do note: Regardless of the number of members, each institution will have one vote.  The institution will have the responsibility for determining the voting member.

*** Each advisory group has the liberty and responsibility of developing a more detailed operational document in order to achieve optimum effectiveness in meeting the goals delineated here. For more information about the advisory groups for PALNI please contact the appropriate person.