PALNI Cooperative Periodical Retention Project Group’s Wiki: http://pcprp.pbworks.com/

What is this PCPRP?

PCPRP stands for “PALNI Cooperative Periodical Retention Project Group.”  Currently, they are one of seven supporting groups that keep PALNI running full-steam.

What do they do for PALNI?

Through a distributed depository program, the PALNI Cooperative Periodical Retention Project seeks to minimize duplication of lesser-used retrospective, print periodicals while assuring their future preservation and access.

PCPRP sounds right up my alley. May I join?

PCPRP membership is open to library personnel in PALNI supported libraries. But do note: Regardless of the number of members, each institution will have one vote.  The institution will have the responsibility for determining the voting member.

*** Each advisory group has the liberty and responsibility of developing a more detailed operational document in order to achieve optimum effectiveness in meeting the goals delineated here. For more information about the advisory groups for PALNI please contact the appropriate person.